Welcome To The NEW Me

Disclaimer: Let it be known that all posts contained herein reflect my personal opinion and not of my employers, business associates or family members. And although the posts represent my personal opinions, I reserve right to change my position on any of the published editorials on this site, without notice or update to the original posts.

In some lucky (or unlucky, I haven’t yet decided) stroke of fate, you have stumbled upon spotanime.com, home of my personal blog posts from past, present and future. Here you’ll find my ramblings on a range of topics which appeal to my personal interests

Who am I? I’ve been a professional for almost two decades, a father for the majority of one, and a geek for over four (translation: I am getting old…). I dig all forms of entertainment media (movies, television, comics, video games) and tend to write about them when I have the itch. I have also contributed to the Unofficial San Diego Comic-Con Blog for the past two years as a writer and podcaster, and you can find me on Twitter if you can only handle me in 140 characters or less (just ask my wife).

You can find the latest and greatest about me via, ironically, my about.me page. And a snazzy picture, too. Guess which one is me…